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Events, 2015


Michael Yu, Stanley Ng and Ceci Liu

"Iron x Pinhole Workshop"

Hong Kong House of Stories
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
DATES: Saturday, April 13, 2013 - Saturday, April 20, 2013

Contact: Kannie Lam
Telephone: (852) 2117 5853
Web Site:
With technology advancing day by day, photography is getting less and less restrictive. Recording people and events around us, or sharing pictures on the Internet can all be done at one click. This kind of on hand convenience gradually subjects our life to the preset confinement of the product designer, reducing our autonomy and creativity.

Pinhole photography is the most rudimentary technique of image formation. The Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day on 28th April aims at promoting this traditional photographic art. To celebrate this occasion, the Community Classroom is organizing a crossover workshop, bringing it together with another age-long local handicraft, forging of galvanized iron. Our instructor Mr. Michael Yu, having over 20 years experience in the profession, will teach us to forge, with handy tools and in simple ways, our own galvanized iron boxes from seemingly ordinary iron sheets. Local young artists Ceci and Stanley will then transform the iron box into a pinhole camera, presenting to us the most elementary way of shooting light and shadow, and the unique experience of darkroom printing. Let’s go back to basics with our handmade cameras and photos!