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Alborada 11ava. etapa mz. 29 villa 12
Guayaquil Ecu 09112, Ecuador
DEADLINE: Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Contact: Fabricio Medina Villao
Telephone: 00593 - 98025671
Web Site:
I invite you to participate to E-book "Pinhole around the world", the idea is to show the variety that exists between different countries and between professional and amateur photographers with this technique, it will be divided into several books each for a continent because of the number of participants and will be available in English, Spanish and Portuguese (possibly French, to be confirmed).

The diffusion started from the month of March 2014, progress in a blog posting that will be created strictly for the e-book "Pinhole around the world" and will feature videos of some participants saluting and inviting to download. Officially the e-book to present the World Day of pinhole photography, the April 27 2014 in different pinhole photography pages like blogs, facebook pages, photographers' pages, twitter, etc..

The book will be virtual, not published in print. The participation and download is free.

E-book "Pinhole around the world" Requirements: Aged 18 or over and authorization of the publication of your images (non-profit).

How to participate: Every photographer has a number of 6 pages, the first page consists of a portrait with a biography (max. 150 words), a description of his work or series (max. 150 pal). The second page is for pics of pinhole camera can be bought or made yourself.

The number of images depends on the photographer who have 4 pages to present their work (that is taken into account in the case of panoramic or elongated formats) for example one photographer will put 4 series of 3 pics, one series in a page; other put 2 panoramic pics in 2 pages and the other pages put 2 pics for other pages (he want to present two different works).

I don't select anything; you are free to select the pics because is your work, but we need all series of photographers have a communication concept.

Images: Portrait of cameras (manufacture, during shooting and /or the same object), works must have a resolution of 72 dpi 1200 x 800 pixels.

The reception of the work starts from September 21, 2013 until December 31, 2013.

Thanks for all.