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Events, 2015

Alex Yates and Inge van Leipsig

"WPPD 2014 Amsterdam Photowalk" and
Amsterdam, Netherlands
DATE and TIME: Sunday, April 27, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Contact: Alex Yates
Web Site:
This is a free event for any pinhole photographers who are interested in joining a group on WPPD in Amsterdam in 2014.

This is a joint effort between Alex from and Inge from We are very much up for this idea, but we’re not going to organise anything other than a photowalk on WPPD, this entry on the WPPD website and perhaps, if you are really lucky, some food and drink.

Not that we’re lazy, but everyone has a different budget, idea of good accommodation, idea of a nice neighbourhood etc. So, if you want to do this, come to Amsterdam, sort out a place to stay, have a great time and join us for a WPPD photowalk. How will you know where the walk will be…just sign up on the website or contact us and we'll be in touch with a meeting time and place nearer to the event.

So, its not a massively organised event, just a bunch of pinhole photographers out for a walk in a great city. As a reminder though, all we're going to organise for you is a place and time to meet, which (let's be honest) is not bad for a free event :-).

Happy Shooting!