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Events, 2015

Isaac Pereira and Hou Kuong Tou

"Pinhole photography project. Recycling - Building a camera box."

Perspective - Macau Photography Studies Center
Rua de Inácio Baptista, nº 5D,
Edif. Hou King, r/c B
Macau 00000, Macao
DATES: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - Sunday, April 27, 2014

Contact: Isaac Pereira
Abstract and objectives:
Since the dawn of human kind, humans bother to fix images. But only with the discovery of the first sensitive materials and techniques for fixing images, that one can really talk about Photography.
In this workshop in a very practical way, we will go through the essential steps for creating and fixing images, building a camera obscura, using light sensitive materials to create unforgettable images.
One can build a camera by using different kinds of materials such as cans , boxes, or even a van or a flat room. But the main focus remains the same: isolate light.
Thus, in this workshop we will use a recycle card box: can be a shoe-box that you bought recently, a gift-box you received in your recent birthday party or any sensitive material to light: Silver salt photo paper developed using photo chemistry.

Public target:
All citizens interested in creating strong and effective personal images trough the photography basic techniques.
Vacancies: 12.
Fee: $500 MOP
Venue: Perspective – Macau Photography Studies Center
Schedule: 22st April 2014 until 27th April from 19:30pm to 21:30pm
Languages: Chinese and English
Tutor: Isaac Pereira and Hou Kuong Tou

DAY # 1
22st April 2014 19:30-21:30
Basic notions of Photography:
. Light: The ink of the eye. Mind: The paper of the soul.
History: Camera Obscura.
Building a camera, 1st part:
Main steps in building a pinhole camera.
Day # 2
23st April 2014 19:30-21:30
Building a camera, 2nd part:
. How to create better pinholes to achieve better pictures.
. Work to de done the following day. Rehearsal : First capture attempts.

Day # 3
24st April 2014 19:30-21:30
. Producing the first images in a darkroom environment. Negatives and positives.
. Analyse the first results.
. Get more perfect by increasing image quality.
Day # 4
25st April 2014 19:30-21:30
. Preparing a digital portfolio. Digitalize the first images.
. Work In Progress. Capture and print.
Day # 5
26st April 9:30-21:30
. Organize a presentation.
. Work in progress. Capture and print.
. Editing images and prepare final presentation.
Day # 6
27st April 9:30-21:30
. Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day:
.Presentation session with Zernike Au, founder of Zero Image (Hong Kong)
. Workshop participants public work presentation.

Tools needed:
A box ( matte black is better), Black spray ink or matte tape-paper, Black tape, X-acto, rule,
fine sandpaper, needles and glue, film changing bag, photographic paper

Materials needed to create images:
BW Photo paper, Cronometer, photo chemistry

Perspective, Macau Photography Studies Center provides:
All materials except the box.
Students should bring:
Strong motivation, a card box and a cronometer.

Note: Copyright images are protected according the law. Perspective - MPSC reserves the right to, without permission of the authors, publish and exhibit the images under a digital or non digital support for public promotion of Photography works.