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Events, 2015


Edward Levinson

"Mind Games - Pinhole Photography Exhibition"

cafe&gallery Schiele
Chikura 295-0004, Japan
DATES: Friday, April 25, 2014 - Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hours of operation: 11am-5pm (closed Wednesday and Thursday)
Contact: Edward Levinson
Telephone: 090-8044-1484
Web Site:
I have been using pinhole photography for artistic expression since 1993. The “Mind Games” series began in 2005 and is my first major pinhole work in color.

When I first started using the three-hole “Pinhole Blender” camera it felt like a good tool for creating stories. Usually I search for three scenes or objects that seem to go together. I look for humor, irony, and social statements when combining the three images into one photograph. Sometimes the center image is strong enough to stand on its own; the side-images are used isolate the subject from its normal environment and to draw the viewer into the power spot in the center.

The camera is a simple round can with a diameter of 18cm (7 inches). There is no viewfinder. On a panoramic strip of film 6 x 12 cm (2.5 x 7inch) long, three different pinhole images are combined into one image in a purely analog process. The resulting collage of three overlapping images is thus created in the camera, not on a computer.

After capture, I have the medium format 120-size color negative film developed by a lab. Then, I personally scan the negatives into the computer, do the color processing as necessary, and output as archival ink jet prints.