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Events, 2015


Rosa Bunchaft and Thayane Matos

"Pinhole Day in Acervo da Laje, Subúrbio Ferroviário de Salvador."

Acervo da Laje
Rua Nova Esperança, 4 E - São João do Cabrito
Plataforma. Subúrbio Ferroviário de Salvador.
Salvador 40490-234, Brazil
DATES: Saturday, April 12, 2014 - Sunday, April 27, 2014

Contact: Rosa Bunchaft
Telephone: 55 71 88982805
Web Site:
This workshop is the result of a collaboration among a community cultural project in the suburb of our city, a curatorial art project, and me, an artist who uses alternative photography in participatory art projects.

ACERVO DA LAJE is a community non-institutional art space project created and coordinated by teacher and researcher José Eduardo Ferreira dos Santos in his own former home. He has dedicated a tremendous effort researching and collecting art production from Suburbio Ferroviario de Salvador, the community he lives, so bringing visibility to local art and culture as a positive influence emphasizing involvement and collaboration for social change and empowerment of the community.

ANDARES is an art project curated by Isabela Lemos, who intends through this project to promote a collaboration among Acervo da Laje and contemporary visual artists who usually present their work in galleries and museums in the city centre of Salvador.

I am ROSA BUNCHAFT, an artist who develops a research involving experimental photography projects, some of them with the use of alternative photography in participatory site-specific art projects.

THAYANE MATOS, graduate art student, is my young inestimable assistent and producer, and a marvelous pinhole teacher.

The event happened in two meetings.

In the first meeting, in April 12, Acervo da Laje group visited my work in progress pinhole process. I was producing pinholes photos for an exposition. It was a beatiful evening, I presented my project and was presented to the group, which whom I shared rare books containing a variety of beautiful old photographs of Salvador. We talked a lot about photography, and social issues and possibilities of local changes in our city through art and photography.

In the second meeting, in April 27, I, my assistant and the curator of Andares project went to the new José Eduardo home (he had to move recently because he married Vilma and Acervo da Laje had occupied all single minimal spaces of his late home, but his new home is being day by day more occupied with other art works). I and my assistant mounted a very small PB lab in one of the rooms. We walked along the railroad, the sea, the simple and colorful houses... It was raining, but all photos were marvelous, beatiful vistas of a wonderful part of the city. It was now José Eduardo and his group which shared books and lots of stories about Suburbio Ferroviario de Salvador. It is very hard to explain, acknoweledge and honor in words the joy, the warmness, the intimacy which we were received by all the group. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Participants of the two meetings:

1. Alder Oliveira
2. Ana Vaneska Santos Almeida
3. Emilae Alana Silva Sena
4. Fabricio Cumming
5. José Eduardo Ferreira dos Santos
6. Leandro Souza
7. Neusinéa Maciel Miranda
8. Patric Costa
9. Perinho Santana
10. Vilma Soares Ferreira Santos

Special thanks to Felix Fabrício Caetano de Souza , Jorge David Vivas Santiago, Iphan - Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional.