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Events, 2015

David Tatnall

"The Art of Pinhole Photography."

Gold Street Studios & Gallery
700 James Lane
Trentham East, Victoria 3458, Australia
DATES: Saturday, April 27, 2013 - Saturday, April 27, 2013

Contact: David Tatnall
Web Site:
This workshop is for those photographers who want to explore fine art image making using pinhole cameras.

The workshop will cover practicalities as well as theory in how to deal with the unique and mysterious world of pinhole photography.

Topics covered include:

Converting view cameras to make pinhole photographs.
Using pinhole body caps on roll film cameras.
How to use a light meter for pinhole photography.
Subject matter and light conditions for making the best pinhole photographs.
How to make the correct size pinhole.
How to ‘compose’ a pinhole photograph.
How to expose the pinhole negative.
How to deal with reciprocity failure with long exposures.
Types of film.
Paper negative options.
Processing options.
Making prints, silver gelatin, alternative process and digital.
Types of commercial pinhole cameras available.
Roll film pinhole cameras.

David Tatnall has been making art using pinhole cameras for around twenty years. His work has been collected widely in Australia and overseas.

Workshop starts 9.30 am and runs till 5.00 pm. AUD 300.00.