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Events, 2015


Ceci Liu

"Mobile Obscura"

Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
DATES: Saturday, February 23, 2013 - Saturday, April 13, 2013
Being inspired by the Camera Obscura, which was the photography tool used in the 15th century, participants are taught to design and make their own portable camera obscuras with mini models installed inside. Those models are made with the idea of the participants' interpretation of their living environment. Through taking the camera obscura to different places, different images will be produced inside. By capturing the images produced inside the camera obscura, the models are also captured as part of the scene. With different images produced inside the camera obscura when participants moving it around, the model inside interacts with images produced from outside. This forms a novel meaning of the scene produced by the mix of projected image inside the camera obscura and model made that reflects the participants' exploration, interpretation and unique eyes of creativity over the environment around them.