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Events, 2015


Jacqueline Haddock (Group Facilitator) Mike Gray (Pinhole Photography Enthusiast)

"Pinhole Photography Workshop for World Pinhole Day"

Infinite29 Creativity For Wellbeing Group
c/o Bedford Creative Arts,
104 Midland Road
Bedford MK40 1QE, United Kingdom
DATE and TIME: Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 01:00 PM

Contact: Jackie Haddock
Telephone: 07941252086
Web Site:
We are a creativity for wellbeing group that works with people in the community recovering from mental health difficulty, addiction and those that have been or are homeless as well as artists and creative individuals in the community who come together to share skills and knowledge and swap creative ideas. We run weekly workshops. This week we devoted our workshop to World Pinhole Photography day, converting a toilet into a darkroom for the afternoon to develop our shots which were taken on pinhole cameras created from mountboard. Our workshop was led by Pinhole Enthusiast Mr Mike Gray who kindly donated his time and cameras to the group to go off and take shots. The photos are being added to our website to be viewed. This image was made by one group member James Day.