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Events, 2015


Alan Hockett

"Drawing with Light"

Jaywick Martello Tower
The Promenade
Belsize Avenue
Jaywick CO15 2LF, United Kingdom
DATES: Wednesday, April 02, 2014 - Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Contact: Kerith Ririe
Telephone: 01255 822783
Web Site:
Wednesday 2 April, 11am-1pm
In this special creative session led by artist Alan Hockett you will make your own pinhole camera, then take coastal images and develop them in a darkroom.

Tuesday 8 April, 10.30am
Located at the Dig 4 Jaywick Community Garden. Come along and make your own pinhole camera with artist Alan Hockett in this free adult workshop, then in the pioneering ways of the early photographers you will take some pictures before developing your results.

Tuesday 8 April, 2pm
Pinhole, Computer Workshop
Free adult workshop with Alan Hockett. Leran how to scan your pinhole pictures into the computers where you will use the software “Photoshop Elements” to invert and make adjustments to colour, contrast and levels of your picture prior to saving as a jpeg for printing and uploading to the internet ready for Worldwide Pinhole Photograhy Day on the 27th April.

Admission: All workshops are free