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Events, 2015


Janet Neuhauser

"Pinhole Workshop"

Photographic Center NW
900 12th Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98122, United States
DATES: Sunday, April 27, 2014 - Sunday, April 27, 2014

Contact: Janet Neuhauser
Telephone: 206-381-0579
Web Site:
A four hour workshop designed for participants to build various types of pinhole cameras, expose with BW silver gelatin paper, develop images in the darkroom and then scan images in the digital lab to upload to the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day website. Long Exposure pinhole photography will also be investigated as well as a history of the pinhole image. All images made in the workshop will be uploaded to the WW Pinhole Day website. Participants will build a long exposure camera to take home loaded and ready to expose. These long exposure images will become a part of the Pinhole Project archive which can be seen at For further information please go to the Photographic Center NW website: