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Events, 2015


Justin Quinnell


Bear Pit Open Gallery
East Subway
St James Barton Roundabout
Bristol BS1 3LY, United Kingdom
DATES: Thursday, May 15, 2014 - Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hours of operation: 24 hours
Contact: Justin Quinnell
Telephone: 0117 9518712
Web Site:
An exhibition of new work by Justin Quinnell will be taking place throughout the summer in the East Tunnel of the Bear Pit in the centre of his home town of Bristol, the city where photography was 'invented' 214 years ago.
The series of portraits represent the first showing of a brand new technique classed as 'Awfulogrammes' invented by Justin
The portraits, all taken through a small pinhole in an empty aluminium beer can, are of people who use the Bear Pit and work near the area. They will be refreshed in mid July with 20 new images.
The ultra close up, wide angle images appear grotesquely distorted, however imaging through a pinhole results in a 'genuine' interpretation of reality rather than the visual distortions within the human eye that we interpret as 'real'.'Awfulogrammes' may give a similar perspective-view as 'felt' by people with no sight.
The unlimited depth of field given by a pinhole, combined with the 160 degree angle of view results in a genuine vision of ourselves we may prefer to avoid.